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Site Inspection Training

Site Inspection Training cements the lessons learned in the classroom with hands-on training at your facility. The engineer will lead your team in an inspection of your site, and students will use measurement instruments and perform visual inspections as they learn the principles and techniques to perform comprehensive inspections of the site electrical environment.

Typical Site Inspection Tasks:

  • Verify proper electrical distribution wiring for the main entrance panel and subpanels feeding critical equipment.
  • Survey the grounding scheme for code compliance and engineering best practices.
  • Check systems and equipment for compliance with accepted installation practices and manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Measure selected voltages and currents and verify proper load balance.
  • View voltage waveshapes with an oscilloscope and identify significant amounts of harmonic distortion.
  • Survey electrical distribution and lightning protection schemes

Site Recommendations. Following a Site Inspection Training session, clients receive a report of any findings uncovered during the training, along with a detailed list of recommendations to remedy any deficiencies identified at the training site.

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