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Critical surveillance systems require effective AC, DC and data line surge protection. Security systems are vulnerable to destructive conditions such as lightning and transients; Transtector Systems surge protection products feature proprietary silicon avalanche suppressor diode (SASD) technology as well as MOV suppression for effective safeguarding and maximized performance.

The benefits of a fully functioning surveillance system are clear. Monitoring and capturing workflow, ensuring adequate lighting, and criminal activity should be viewed as a 24/7 commitment. Transtector dedicated security team works with small businesses, colleges, transit districts, municipalities and industrial customers to find the best cost effective solutions for surveillance cameras, head-end equipment and AC power services to ensure each facility security platform is operational.

Homeland Security, local governments and the Department of Defense turn to Transtector Systems for both custom solutions as well as quality standard protection products to keep their systems online to protect those they serve.

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