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Site Audits

Power and Grounding Audits

Our power and grounding audit is a comprehensive inspection of the entire facility electrical environment: power, grounding, and protection.

Elements of a Site Audit

There is no “typical” site audit in that every site and every facility is different. However, there are certain elements common to all sites that form a framework for a site audit: Power, Grounding, Physical Lightning Protection, and Transient Overvoltage Protection.

  • Power. Our engineers inspect transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, distribution panels, UPS and other relevant parts of a facility’s power distribution system. We might uncover problems with wiring, improperly sized conductors, code violations, or other findings that deviate from industry standards and engineering best practices. We record and analyze voltage and current at key points to identify abnormalities such as sags, swells, or harmonic distortion. Although this is only a “snapshot” of the power quality for a typical audit, we also perform detailed power quality studies upon request or as part of a comprehensive problem-solving effort.
  • Grounding. Proper grounding and a proper relationship between the neutral and the ground is critical to NEC compliance and a safe operating environment for people and equipment. We determine whether objectionable current is present on grounding conductors, verify correct installation of safety and isolated grounds, verify proper isolation with respect to cathodic protection systems where applicable, verify proper bonding of appropriate components of the grounding system, and take point-to-point and earth ground resistance measurements.
  • Lightning Protection. Where appropriate, we inspect for proper installation and appropriate bonding of physical lightning protection systems in accordance with NFPA 780 and engineering best practices.
  • Transient Overvoltage Protection. Transients on the power distribution system are typically high voltage, high current, non-repeatable impulses that threaten equipment and uptime if not protected. We verify that adequately sized and rated surge protective devices are correctly installed in the appropriate locations.

Report and Recommendations

Following the audit, clients receive a comprehensive report detailing all findings and an explanation regarding why they are (or are not) in compliance with power and grounding site best practices. Each report contains a detailed “punch list” of recommendations to remedy any problems uncovered during the audit.

For further information on how to schedule a site audit, please contact us directly at +1 208 635 6400, +1 800 882 9110 or through our customer service request form.

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