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Custom Engineering & Design

Surge Protection Engineered to Your Requirements

Transtector Systems develops custom engineered solutions for all types of communications network applications. We recognize that no two network environments are the same, and that standard products don’t always fit the application ideally.

Backed by decades of experience in lightning and surge protection, Transtector Systems backs its custom designs with the proven ability to engineer products that fit. Our active involvement in regulatory agencies (AISG, IEC, IEEE, IWPC, NEC and UL) ensures that custom-engineered solutions always meet key industry standards.

Custom-engineered solutions can include:

  • Fully customized AC, DC or data line surge protection
  • Modified mounting solutions for unique application environments
  • Specific connector configurations
  • Unique grounding requirements
  • Custom kits or configured solutions

Whatever your requirements may be, Transtector Systems will provide a product, system or solution that enables long-lasting, reliable, high-performance surge protection for the installation. Our engineers work closely with you from design to deployment, including conceptualizing, engineering, and if needed, installation.

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