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Experienced Independent Advisors

Clients trust our consulting engineers to act as independent advisors on matters related to grounding, power, and protection. We work with each client to provide tailored support for their individual project. Consulting projects are varied and may include design reviews, project troubleshooting, or post construction verification.

  • Design Reviews. We work with clients to ensure that electrical power, protection, and grounding system designs meet industry standards and engineering best practices.
  • Detailed Troubleshooting and Analysis. Finding the root cause of an electrical problem can require a lot of detailed investigation at a facility. Our engineers can remain on the task as long as it takes to solve the problem.
  • Post-Construction Verification. As an independent third party, we often are asked to inspect contractors' work to verify compliance with the engineering design, as well as industry best practices for a robust electrical, grounding, and/or lightning protection system.

Working with each of our regional consulting engineers provides site managers with an added level of assurance that their networks will be working properly regardless of the transient enviornment of their region. Contact us directly at +1 (208) 635-6400, +1 (800) 882-9110 or through our customer service request form for further information.

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