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Power, Grounding, and Protection Continuing Education

In our grounding, power, and lightning protection courses, you will learn the techniques and principles used by our world-class consulting engineers at client sites for over 40 years.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify deficiencies in grounding, power, and lightning protection systems
  • How to stop replacing expensive equipment and fix the root causes of electrical and grounding problems
  • How to properly bond equipment and power system grounds to protect life safety
  • Starting projects on the right foot and doing the job right...the first time
  • How to properly conduct grounding testing and what the results mean for your system
  • Minimizing noise and interference on ground and signal lines
  • Hands-on training: measurement equipment, visual inspection, and the "usual suspects" that cause problems
  • Best practices: for grounding, power, and protection -- and why they are important
  • Accredited training for Electrician & Technician CEUs, Bicsi CECs, and Professional Engineer PDHs.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Engineers: PE's, Consulting Engineers, Design Engineers, Specifying Engineers, Facilities Engineers
  • Technicians: Communications, Instrumentation & Electrical, SCADA, Process Control and Automation
  • Electricians: Facility Electricians, Contractors, and anyone in the electrical trades
  • Facilities Managers: Protect your site and minimize downtime with a robust electrical and grounding system
  • Insurance Risk Managers: Reduce risk of damage during lightning storms, fault events, or problems from the utility service itself
  • Anyone who has an interest in preventing electrical problems at high-value or mission-critical sites

What to Expect?

  • Deep Understanding. . .not memorization. Electrical codes, industry standards, and technologies change continuously. Our electrical continuing education courses will instill a gut-level understanding of the industry best practices, helping you to identify deficiencies in site electrical systems and implement the latest industry best practices. Rather than memorizing standards, our courses teach you the "why" of standards and best practices to establish the most robust electrical environment at your sites.

  • World-Class Engineering Instructors. Our world-class instructors have spent their careers in the field as consulting engineers, helping clients with issues related to grounding, power systems, and protection. From telecommunication sites, to data centers, to strategic national defense installations, to large-scale petrochemical plants, our engineers have helped hundreds of clients fix and prevent problems in site electrical systems--and their goal is to pass their lessons learned on to you.

  • Classroom, Hands-on, and Online. At Smiths Power, we offer a variety of face-to-face and online courses that provide fully accredited instruction for continuing education credits. Our courses listed below are open to the public; we also instruct private groups with hands-on training at client sites upon request.

  • Site Audits. Interested in obtaining expert grounding, power, and protection consulting? Simply contact us and our training coordinator willprovide introduction information..

For further information on our comprehensive training courses or to schedule a class with our training coordinator contact +1 (208) 635-6400 or +1 (800) 882-9110. We look forward to working with you!

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