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OEM Services

Consulting, Engineering and Integration

Partnering with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe, Transtector Systems provides the surge suppression solutions that fit unique systems, as well as providing industry-leading expertise through consulting, product integration, and engineering services.

Transtector Systems ensures reliability of essential electronics through mission-critical-grade surge protection products and services. This integral component helps form the core of OEM systems in communication networks, industrial and utility applications, and other key topologies.

Partnering with Transtector provides OEMs with decades of experience, innovative technologies, and dedicated service – when we work with an OEM, we’re committed to delivering the best solutions on time and under budget.

Choose Transtector Systems and you’ll gain:

  • The expertise found in our global engineering teams, test labs and ISO facilities
  • Knowledge backed by our leadership in global standards organizations
  • A well-established global supply chain to meet deadlines worldwide
  • Dedicated service from design to deployment-prototyping, performance validation, field assistance

Whether your requirements are AC, DC or data line surge suppression, grounding, cable management, power conditioning, or all of the above, Transtector Systems is poised to join you in your next project to ensure you deploy solutions that meet the requirements of today – and tomorrow.

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