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Reliable Surge Protection

Surge Protection Reliability - For All Types of Events

Surge protection comes in many forms. So do the threats faced in today’s applications. In all cases, partnering with the technology experts within Transtector Systems provides you with industry-leading solutions for all types of surge events—from lightning to EMP and more.

Lightning Protection
The sudden and destructive impact of a lightning strike can cause devastating damage to networks and the sensitive equipment that makes them go. The effects can be overwhelming—in the power industry, for example, the National Lightning Safety Institutes that 30% of all power outages annually are lightning-related, with total costs up to $1 billion.

While network engineers can’t actually prevent lightning, users can take simple steps to minimize the potential for damage and costly downtime due to a strike. Reliable surge protection from Transtector Systems provides dependable security against lightning strikes, with minimal degradation and long-term reliability.

Transient Protection
Whether it’s caused by faulty load switching, EMP, or other power anomalies, when voltage exceeds the maximum specification of mission-critical equipment, the result is trouble. Transients, or power spikes, can stem from network issues, equipment malfunctions, or any number of anomalies. Although a transient is a quick, temporary surge, damage can be permanent. The right surge protection solutions can protect your mission-critical equipment from these issues, ensuring reliable network performance and minimal downtime.

Choose the industry leader in surge protection and you’ll gain innovative protection technologies, system-wide expertise, and built-in reliability to minimize the risk of overvoltage damage and help ensure seamless network integrity and performance without costly downtime.

Surge protection from Transtector Systems features industry-leading technology to address the risk of these damaging energy bursts.
By integrating

  • physical lightning protection
  • a high-integrity single-point grounding system
  • appropriate surge protection

Reliability will be built into your system and safety into each application.

Lightning Strikes - Mother Nature,
Transients - Man-made (Switching, utility)
Event Length Lasts Microseconds or can travel an average of 6 miles Last Microseconds or can travel up to a 100ft depending on the size of the event.
Damage Level Destructive Degrading
Frequency 100kHz to 1gHz Undetermined
Protection Strategies Protect all external entry paths to a facility or systems with AC, Data, RF and DC Surge Protection Secondary surge protection located down stream of entry path on secondary panels and point of use on sensitive equipment/system protection.

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