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Power Management, Protection & Grounding

One-Day Training Seminar

Learning Objectives  
Attendees will learn how to identify and implement industry best practices for establishing robust electrical systems, with an emphasis on the following applications:

  • Grounding and Bonding. Industry best practices and standards compliance for proper grounding of equipment, systems, and sites
  • Protection. Protecting sensitive equipment from transient overvoltage events (surges)
  • Transformers. Considerations for step-down and isolation transformers
  • Power Management. Power management through measurement and monitoring

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for the technical professional working with electronic equipment and electrical power systems for mission-critical facilities such as:

  • Data centers
  • 911/emergency management centers,
  • Tactical operations centers, and
  • Communication sites.

 A prerequisite for attendance is a basic knowledge of electrical theory including Ohm’s Law.

Course Outline

  1. Transformer Considerations
  2. Power Management
  3. Basics of Grounding
  4. Grounding Electrode System
  5. Site Grounding
  6. Equipment and Enclosure Grounding
  7. DC Grounding Practices
  8. Surge Protection

What to Expect 
The class meets from 8 am to 5 pm. Each student will receive a course manual that includes the figures, tables and graphs discussed during the presentation.
Additional Training 
Upon request, a second day of hands-on Site Inspection Training for private groups may be arranged following this course.

Site Inspection Training takes place at a client facility, where students will learn the principles and techniques to identify deficiencies in a site’s electrical, grounding, and protection systems including visual inspection and using various field measurement instruments.  

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