Tailored Product Expedite Program

At PolyPhaser and Transtector, we recognize that in some applications, standard products just aren’t ideal. That’s why the new Tailored Product Expedite (TPE) Program, was developed as a streamlined way to support our customers by making minor adjustments or modifications to standard surge protection products to meet specific application requirements.
The TPE Program is another component of our continuing effort to meet mission-critical customer requirements, enabling the development of application-specific surge protection solutions while limiting the costly, time-consuming process of developing custom products. As a customer, you gain the products that fit your unique applications rather than forcing a standard product into a non-standard environment.
Agility, responsiveness and expertise at Transtector provide you with many TPE advantages:
·         High-quality, reliable surge protection for the application
·         Leading-edge technology from industry innovators
·         Expedited development time
·         Enhanced products without custom design costs

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