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This paper discusses the possibility, requirements and necessary steps to protect land mobile vehicles from the effects of an electromagnetic pulse event to ensure continuous mobility of the vehicle.
Reliable operation of security systems is essential to protect company assets and ensure human safety. Episodic equipment malfunctions plague security systems and compromise system integrity. These malfunctions can be related to the power quality environment. As data and communication equipment become more electronically sophisticated they demand a higher quality electrical environment to ensure optimal performance and uninterrupted operation. To resolve common power quality problems that can cause equipment malfunction and damage, it is crucial to understand the electrical sensitivity of various elements of a security system, best practices for a proper grounding system, and fundamentals of quality surge protection devices.Design Matters.
The MiniCab Series is a Verizon PeopleSoft approved AC distribution box for communication equipment. It offers a safe electrical power load center wiring panel with integrated lightning protection for sensitive radios. Designed to support DAS, small cell radio and applications requiring a reliable and compact power distribution solution.
Long-term performance of wireless radio equipment, withstanding multiple surge events; requires operational functionality of equipment and non-degradation of data integrity and throughput. This Case Study demonstrates through test results the value of surge protection.

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