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Transtector and PolyPhaser Have Industrial Surge Protection Covered
The sensitive and valuable electronics that form the core of today’s industrial facilities applications demand reliable surge protection. Transtector Systems and PolyPhaser engineer AC  and RF protection solutions optimized for industrial and commercial environments, addressing all types of equipment within these applications.... Read more
Lightning Safety Reminders
Transtector, PolyPhaser, and our customers deal with lightning and surge protection in our jobs every day, focusing on protecting network equipment. In the lightning season, however, a reminder about personal safety never hurts.... Read more
PolyPhaser RF Surge Arrestors Ideal for Rail Applications
Positive train control and other smart technologies are transforming how the rail industry operates. All of these systems require reliable power for seamless and continuous operation, as well as for the guaranteed safety of trains and travelers.... Read more
GPS and Gas Tubes
Global positioning systems are an important part of any RF network. GPS provides timing information that is critical in keeping RF networks synchronized. It is important that GPS receivers be protected from lightning strikes with RF lightning arrestors. ... Read more

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