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Transtector and PolyPhaser Have Industrial Surge Protection Covered

The sensitive and valuable electronics that form the core of today’s industrial facilities applications demand reliable surge protection. Transtector Systems and PolyPhaser engineer AC  and RF protection solutions optimized for industrial and commercial environments, addressing all types of equipment within these applications.
Power surges, whether caused by lightning strikes or other events, can wreak havoc on industrial electronics. Sophisticated machine controls, lighting systems, traffic controls, motor systems, and other components must be protected with reliable devices like those from Transtector and PolyPhaser.
Transtector AC I2R 75K Series of AC surge protection devices (SPDs) are ideal for industrial communications, public safety and security, as well as automation and control applications that require UL Type 1 and Type 2 protection. A safe-fail, self-protected design means that no additional overcurrent protection devices or backup fusing are required, greatly simplifying the installation.
For RF protection, choose PolyPhaser for a full range of platforms, including board-level protection, DC pass, DC block, bias-T and ultra-low PIM.
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