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PolyPhaser RF Surge Arrestors Ideal for Rail Applications

Positive train control and other smart technologies are transforming how the rail industry operates. All of these systems require reliable power for seamless and continuous operation, as well as for the guaranteed safety of trains and travelers.

At the heart of any rail-based power management application are RF surge arrestors. These seemingly simple components can make the difference between reliable functionality and faultless communication between smart technologies—and potential disaster from a power surge.

PolyPhaser has a long tradition of creating innovative and reliable RF surge protection products, and recently an objective test of its most widely deployed Wi-Fi and GPS arrestors demonstrated the significance of choosing the “right” surge protection device for the application. PolyPhaser components simply provided more reliable long-term protection than competitive products, as well as significantly less degradation over multiple surge events.

Technology Makes the Difference
Filtering technology is key to RF surge protection. PolyPhaser SX series arrestors incorporate patented spiral conductors to ground, compared to simple inductor coils common in competitive products. The result is a significantly higher surge rating in PolyPhaser solutions.

Circuit protection componentry is another key to RF surge arrestors. PolyPhaser GX series products, considered the industry standard in GPS and active antenna applications, utilize a hybrid circuit that combines the response time of a diode and the current-handling capabilities of a metal oxide varsitor and gas tube. This all adds up to fast response times and low energy and voltage let-through.

Testing Reveals the Right Choice—PolyPhaser
As detailed in the white paper, comparison testing involved PolyPhaser LSXL Wi-Fi surge arrestors versus a competitor’s Wi-Fi product; and PolyPhaser DGXZ+06NFNF-A versus a competitor’s GPS arrestor. Detailed specifications are in the white paper.

The testing process included five strikes at a 10kA 8/20 waveform level, then a surge at single 20kA maximum strike level. RF Characterization, voltage and energy let-through tests were performed on each component.

  • PolyPhaser RF Surge Arrestors: Passed all tests; performed at full functionality after all strikes
  • Competitive Wi-Fi Arrestor: One unit failed on fifth strike, second unit failed on eighth strike
  • Competitive GPS Arrestors: One unit failed on first strike, second unit failed on third strike

Voltage and energy let-through readings also demonstrated significantly better performance and protection from the PolyPhaser surge protection solutions.

PolyPhaser provides the ideal RF surge protection solution for rail applications. Get all the details in the following white paper.

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