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Lightning Safety Reminders

Transtector, PolyPhaser, and our customers deal with lightning and surge protection in our jobs every day, focusing on protecting network equipment. In the lightning season, however, a reminder about personal safety never hurts.
Here are the basics, courtesy of the National Weather Service:

  • Get inside as soon as you hear thunder.
  • Avoid open areas. 
  • Stay away from isolated tall trees, towers or utility poles. Lightning tends to strike the taller objects in an area.
  • Stay away from metal conductors such as wires or fences. Metal does not attract lightning, but lightning can travel long distances through it.
  • If you are with a group of people, spread out. This helps to prevent multiple casualties in the event of a strike, as well as increasing the potential for individuals to help.
  • If someone is struck, call 9-1-1 immediately. People who are struck by lightning do not carry a charge, so first aid/CPR (if trained) is the first step.
  • If possible, move the victim to a safe place.

Much more information is available through the National Weather Service. Click here to visit 
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