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EMP | EMI Protection

E3 Mitigation Expertise and Innovation

Transtector provides a complete systems approach for the protection of communications systems and critical electronics from lightning and power anomalies. Our unique expertise in filter technologies enables us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of electromagnetic environmental effect (E3) hardening solutions including custom designs to fit your specific EMP - EMI protection needs.

Lightning strikes, solar storms, electromagnetic pulse and high power microwave weapons are serious threats to electronic equipment. Transtector’s high performance filter technologies protect communications, satellite and electrical power systems from all major power quality threats including:

  • EMI (electromagnetic interference)
  • EMP (electromagnetic pulse)
  • HEMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse)
  • SREMP (surface radiated electromagnetic pulse)
  • NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse)
  • SGEMP (system generated electromagnetic pulse)
  • HRM (high-powered microwave)
  • Geomagnetic storms
  • Tempests
  • Internally generated transients
  • Power grid anomalies
  • Lightning induced transients

Transtector’s proven technology is engineered to withstand the most extreme physical environments and EMP - EMI conditions, as well as meet industry and military standards wherever applicable. For over 10 years, top defense contractors have relied on our knowledge and design experience to meet the requirements set by military standards.

Our team of experienced professionals design and manufacture custom as well as COTS products for carriers, defense contractors, municipalities and the government. Our systems approach saves valuable time during the design, development and procurement phase.

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