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PolyPhaser male to female TNC surge protector series for RF coax (may also be known as male/female TNC lightning surge protectors or lightning surge arrestors) components are in-stock and will ship same day as purchased. Our male to female TNC surge protector / suppressor RF product series protects against EMP (electro-magnetic pulse), HEMP (high-altitude electromagnetic pulse) and other power surges commonly caused by lightning or from other strong electrical changes. RF surge protector series with 50 Ohm TNC male / female input/output is typically used with radio / antenna installations to protect sensitive electronic equipment and are specially designed to pass the desired radio frequency range while suppressing surge.

TNC male to female surge suppressor series from PolyPhaser uses surge filter protection technology. The IP67 TNC male/female lightning surge protectors for RF microwave have operating frequency ranges from as low as 700MHz to as high as 6GHz. Power handling maximum of these various components is 500W.

PolyPhaser TNC lightning surge protectors are male gender in and female out. The configurations M/F of TNC surge arrestors are stocked and ship the day they are purchased. These RF coax surge protectors are compliant with RoHS.

PolyPhaser supplies one of the largest selections of RF / microwave surge protection components available that are shipped the same day as purchased. Expert radio frequency technical support and knowledgeable sales staff are available to help with solutions for your male to female TNC 50 Ohm surge protector needs. We support our customers with a sense of urgency while providing innovative lightning and surge protection solutions that ensure reliable operation of critical systems for a connected world.