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DC Surge Protector SPD RRPA Indoor DIN-Rail Assy 24 Vdc SASD 4x DRI

Form FactorDIN-Rail Assy
Service Voltage24 Vdc
Service TypeMultiple
Current Rating5 Amps
SPD TechnologySASD
Price Table
1 - 4 $1,345.00
5 - 9 $1,291.20
10 - 24 $1,237.40
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DC Surge Protector SPD RRPA Indoor DIN-Rail Assy 24 Vdc SASD 4x DRI

Transtector DC (Direct Current) surge protector (also known as surge protection device or SPD as well as transient voltage surge suppressor or TVSS) RRPA-DRI-4 is in-stock and will ship same business day as purchased. Our DC surge protector / SPD will provide overvoltage protection for your equipment. This commercial direct current surge protector helps prevent damage from overvoltage DC that can be caused by lightning surge and other strong changes in electricity. The transient voltage suppressor / TVS device can act as an overvoltage spike lightning surge protector / arrestor as well as protect from other direct current electrical surges.

DC surge protector device part number RRPA-DRI-4 is designed to protect sensitive electric and electronic equipment from transient voltage. The TVSS product for direct current from Transtector offers superior voltage surge protection. Our electrical surge protection device is rated for indoor use. RRPA-DRI-4 industrial indoor DC surge protection device is a DIN-rail assy type.

Our DIN-rail assy DC SPD for industrial electrical applications is part of the RRPA series. This Transtector transient voltage surge suppressor / TVSS is for 24 Vdc applications. The 24 Vdc surge protector operates in and is just one of many direct current protection devices that ship same-day from Transtector.

Transtector transient voltage suppressor for DC power devices RRPA-DRI-4 product PDF datasheet with details of specifications and CAD drawing with dimensions can be found above. Protection from surge in this Transtector device is in the form of Silicon Avalanche Suppression Diode (SASD). This DC SPD uses Silicon Avalanche Suppression Diode circuits to protect electrical equipment from spikes in direct current power. Transient direct current power from surges such as lightning or strong electrical changes are handled through Silicon Avalanche Suppression Diode protection circuits in the RRPA-DRI-4 SPD.

Transtector provides one of the largest selections of same-day ship industrial power surge protector devices. Like our DC surge protector SPD RRPA indoor DIN-Rail assy 24 vdc SASD 4x DRI, we ship our other electrical power surge protection equipment from in-stock inventory same-day as purchased. Transtector supports our customers with a sense of urgency while providing innovative power and signal solutions that ensure reliable operation of critical systems for a connected world.