Trusted Brands

Reliable Performance - From the Tower to the Core

Kaelus, PolyPhaser, Transtector Systems and RadioWaves are a unified group of solutions-driven brands committed to ensuring reliable communications network performance from the tower to the core.

Each of these well established brands provides a unique set of capabilities and product offerings deployed in critical communications networks worldwide, while also setting global standards through innovation and customer service.

Key product lines being offered by the four telecoms-focused brands within Infinite Electronics include:
  • Passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzers used in test and measurement
  • High-performance combiners and RF interference filters
  • Coaxial RF protection and conditioning components
  • Tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs)
  • AC, DC, and data line surge protection solutions 
  • Innovative microwave backhaul parabolic, sector and flat panel antennas
  • EMP and EMI filters
The overarching goal of these solutions is to help network administrators minimize downtime, maintain reliable service, and eliminate the loss of revenue due to problems with information delivery.  We encourage our customers to visit Kaelus, PolyPhaser, Transtector and RadioWaves websites to learn more about our products or services or contact our technical customer service team for further information.