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We invite you to browse around to see the many improvements we have added into this website launch. Within our new site you'll find:

PolyPhaser Same Day Shipping Same-Day Shipping
For our customer's mission critical product shipments that require immediate delivery within the shortest available timeframe, we offer dependable same-day shipping that you can count on.
PolyPhaser Buyer's Resource Center Buyers Resource Center
We offer a variety of intuitive purchasing resources right at your fingertips. Including full access to downloadable product guides, distributor lists, datasheets, E-literature, white papers and more.
PolyPhaser Customer Service 24/7 Live Customer Support
Have questions about your order or technical inquiries on one of our products? Our friendly and helpful customer service staff are dedicated to providing you with quality customer service and support; day or night. 
PolyPhaser Secure Payment Secure Online Payment Gateways
As the convenience of online shopping and bill payment rapidly increases, so does the need for merchants to utilize a secure online payment gateway system. Our robust Ecommerce system includes fast, reliable and secure online payment processing.
PolyPhaser Channel Partner Channel Partner Program
Transtector's partner program is designed to provide incentives, sales tools and marketing advantages to help our partners grow and expand their businesses and provide world class RF and data surge suppression solutions for their customers.
PolyPhaser Dynamic Data Sheets Dynamic Product Datasheets
Our downloadable, content-rich, best-in-class datasheets are a direct reflection of Transtector's commitment to quality, reliability and premium technical service. Features include: product specifications, photos, features and certifications.

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