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Multi-Year Warranty Periods

Infinite Electronics Multi-Year Warranty Periods

This table is supplemental to the Infinite Electronics Terms and Conditions of Sale which contains all warranty information.

Products not shown within the table are sold with a standard 1 year warranty.

Brands Product Family Warranty Period
Transtector AC Surge 10 years
Transtector DC Surge 10 years
Transtector Data Surge 10 years
Transtector EMP 10 years
Transtector  HEMP-Tested Military Grade  15 years
PolyPhaser HEMP-Tested Military Grade 15 years
PolyPhaser          RF (Coax)/Grounding 10 years
Kaelus Filters 2 years
Kaelus iBA, iPA, iVA, RTF, ACE 2 years
Radiowaves Antennas 7 years

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