DOWIN Supply Chain



The following terms shall have the meanings set forth below下列术语具有下述含义:
(a) "Contract" means the instrument of contracting, such as “PO”, “Purchase Order, or other such type designation, including all referenced documents, exhibits and attachments. If these terms and conditions are incorporated into a “master” agreement that provides for releases, (in the form of a Purchase Order or other such document) the term “Contract” shall also mean the Release document for the Work to be performed. “合同”系指订约文书,如“采购订单”或其他该等名称的文件, 包括所有参考文件、附录和附件。如果这些条款和条件纳入可供发布的“主”协议,以采购订单或其他该等文件的形式)“合同”这一术语也应指所实施工作的核发文 件。
(b) “Dowin" means “SHENZHEN DOWIN LIGHTNING TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD”, acting through its companies, or business units, as identified on the face of the Contract. If a subsidiary or affiliate of Dowin is identified on the face of the Contract than “Dowin” means that subsidiary, or affiliate. “盾牌”系指深圳市盾牌防雷技术有限公司,在本合同中是指:通过其公司或业务单位行事。如果合同中涉及盾牌的 子公司或关联公司,则“盾牌”系指该子公司或关联公司。
(c) "Dowin Supply Chain" means a person authorized by Dowin’ procurement organization to administer and/or execute this Contract. “盾牌供应链”系指盾牌采购组织授权管理和/或执行本合同的人员。
(d)  “PO” or “Purchase Order” as used in any document constituting a part of this Contract shall mean this Contract.   在构成本合同一部分的任何文件中,“采购订单” 系指本合同。
(e) “Supplier” means the Party identified on the face of the Contract with whom Dowin is contracting. “供应商”系指与盾牌订立的合同上所载的当事人。
(f) “Work” means all required articles, materials, supplies, goods, and services constituting the subject matter of this Contract. “工作”系指构成本合同标的的所有 必需物品、材料、物资、货物和服务。

(a) This Contract integrates, merges, and supersedes any prior offers, negotiations, and agreements concerning the subject matter hereof and constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties. 本合同整合、并入和取代与本合同标的相关的任何 之前的报价、协商和协议,并构成双方之间的完整协议。
(b) Supplier’s acknowledgment, acceptance of payment, or commencement of performance, shall constitute Supplier’s unqualified acceptance of this Contract.
(c) Additional or differing terms or conditions proposed by Supplier or included in Supplier’s acknowledgment hereof are hereby objected to by Dowin and have no effect unless expressly accepted in writing by Dowin. 供应商提出的、或本合同供应 商确认函中所包含的附加或不同的条款或条件,除非盾牌明确以书面形式加以许 可,否则此等条款或条件均无效。 
(d) Supplier agrees to indemnify, save harmless and defend Dowin and its directors, officers, employees, agents, successors, and assigns from and against any and all liabilities, claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties, forfeitures, and the costs and expenses incident thereto (including costs of defense, settlement, and reasonable attorney’s fees) which it or they may hereafter incur, become responsible for, or pay out as a result of, or arising out of, Supplier’s breach of any of its duties addressed in this clause. Supplier shall include this clause in all subcontracts at any tier, involving the performance of this Contract. 供应商同意:因供应商违反其在本条款所 涉及的任何义务而引起或导致盾牌及其董事、管理人员、雇员、代理人、继承人和 受让人在此之后可能遭受的部分和所有责任、索赔、损失、损害、罚款、处罚、没收 及其附带费用和开支(包括抗辩、和解费用以及合理的律师费),供应商应作出赔偿, 使其免受损害,并为其进行抗辩。供应商应将本条款纳入涉及本合同履行的任一级别 的所有分包合同中。 


(a) This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the government in which the Dowin business is located from which this Contract is issued, excluding its choice of law rules. 本合同受盾牌业务所在地政府法律管辖 并依据其进行解释,排除法律法规选择权。
(b)  Supplier shall provide to Dowin with each delivery any Material Safety Data Sheet applicable to the Work in conformance with and containing such information as required by the Occupational Safety and Health 对于适用的产品,供应商应在交货 时向盾牌提供与工作相关的材料安全数据表,该表应符合并包含职业安全及健康要 求的信息。


 Supplier agrees to comply with all applicable laws, orders, rules, regulations and ordinances. 供应商同意遵守所有适用的法律、命令、规则、法规和条例。 


Suppliers are prohibited to outsource in part, or all of the PO requirement to a third party without prior written notice being submitted to Dowin, and subsequent written approval being granted. 未提前通 知盾牌并取得经盾牌的书面许可,供应商不得将任何材料或订单外包给第三方。 

6. CHANGES    变更 

(a) Dowin Supply Chain may at any time, by written notice, and without notice to sureties or assignees, make changes within the general scope of this Contract in any one or more of the following: 盾牌供应链可随时在不预先通知担保人或受让 人的情况下,通过书面形式合同以下任一项或多项进行变更:
  • drawings, designs or specifications; 图纸、设计或规格;
  • method of shipping or packing; 运输或包装方法;
  • place of inspection, acceptance, performance, or point of delivery; 检验、验收、 履行或交付地点;
  • delivery schedule; 交付计划;
  • description of services to be performed; and 要提供的服务的说明;以及
  • time of performance (i.e., hours of the day, days of the week, etc.). 履行时间(即几时、星期几等)。
Changes may only be made in writing by the Dowin Dowin Supply Chain. 变更只能由 盾牌供应链以书面的形式作出。
(b) If any such change causes an increase or decrease in the cost of, or the time required for, performance of any part of this Contract, Dowin shall make an equitable adjustment in the Contract price and/or delivery schedule, and modify the Contract accordingly. 如果此等变更会造成成本的变化,或时间的增加,盾牌应对 合同价格和/或交货计划作出公平调整,并相应地修改合同。
(c) Any claim for an equitable adjustment by Supplier must be submitted in writing to Dowin within thirty (30) days from the date of notice of the change, unless the Parties agree in writing to a longer period. Dowin may audit any of Supplier’s books and records in connection with any equitable adjustment proposal. 供应商提出的 任何公平调整的要求,除非双方以书面形式认可更长的期限,否则须在自变更通知日 期起三十(30)日内以书面形式提交给盾牌。盾牌可审核与调整建议相关的供应 商的账簿和记录。
(d) Failure to agree to any adjustment shall be resolved in accordance with the “Disputes” clause of this Contract. However, nothing contained in this “Changes” clause shall excuse Supplier from proceeding without delay in the performance of this Contract as changed. 如不同意任何调整的,应按照本合同“争议”条款解决。 但本“变更”条款中的任何内容不得免除供应商按照变更内容准时(不能延迟地)履 行本合同。


(a) Only Dowin Supply Chain has authority to change this Contract. Such changes must be in writing.仅盾牌供应链有权变更本合同。此等变更须以书面形式作出。
(b) Dowin engineering and technical personnel may from time to time render assistance or give technical advice or exchange information with Supplier’s personnel concerning the Work hereunder. Such actions shall not be deemed to be a change under the “Changes” clause of this Contract and shall not be the basis for equitable adjustment. 盾牌工程技术人员可不时提供协助或技术咨询,或与供应商 人员交换本合同项下工作相关的信息。此等行为不应被视为本合同“变更”条款项下 的变更,亦不构成公平调整的依据。
(c) Except as otherwise provided herein, all notices to be furnished by the Supplier shall be sent to the Dowin Supply Chain. 除本合同另有规定外,供应商发出的所有通知应发送到盾牌供应链。


(a) Dowin, by written notice, may terminate this Contract for default, in whole or in part, if Supplier fails to comply with any of the terms of this Contract, fails to make progress as to endanger performance of this Contract, or fails to provide adequate assurance of future performance. Supplier shall have five (5) days to cure any such failure after receipt of notice from Dowin. Default involving delivery schedule delays shall not be subject to the cure provision. 如供应商未能遵守本合同任何条款,未能 取得进展而损害本合同的履行,或未能提供将来履行的充分保证,盾牌可因此等违 约发出书面通知全部或部分终止本合同。在收到盾牌的通知后,供应商有五日的时 间对此不履行行为予以纠正。涉及交货计划延迟的违约不能作为纠正的措施。
(b)  Dowin shall not be liable for any Work not accepted; however, Dowin may require Supplier to deliver to Dowin any supplies and materials, manufacturing materials, and manufacturing drawings that Supplier has specifically produced or acquired for the terminated portion of this Contract. Dowin and Supplier shall agree on the amount of payment for these other deliverables.
已终止部分而专门制造或采购的物资和材料、制造材料以及制造图纸。盾牌和供应 商应就这些其他交付物的支付金额达成一致意见。
(c)  In the event of termination, in whole or in part, Dowin may acquire, under terms Dowin considers appropriate, supplies or services similar to those terminated, and the Supplier will be liable to Dowin for any excess costs of those supplies or services, including any incidental costs Dowin incurs through re-procurement. 在全部或部分终止合同的情况下,盾牌可按照其认为适当的条款收购类似于合同终 止部分的物资或服务;对于这些物资或服务的任何额外费用,应由供应商应承担,包 括盾牌通过重新采购产生的任何附加费用。
(d) Supplier shall continue all Work not terminated. 供应商应继续进行所有未终止的工 作。
(e) If after termination under paragraph (a), it is later determined that Supplier was not in default, such termination shall be deemed a Termination for Convenience. 如果在根据(a)款终止后确定供应商未违约,则该终止应被视为权宜终止(便利终止)。


All disputes under this Contract which are not disposed of by mutual agreement may be settled at Dowin’ sole discretion either by submitting the claim to 本合同项下未能通过相互协定解决的所有争议,盾牌可全权决定是否将要求提交给:
(i) a court of competent jurisdiction or 具有司法管辖权的法院或
(ii) binding arbitration, before a single arbitrator, in the province and under the laws of the province from which this Contract is issued, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Chinese Arbitration Association; and judgment upon the arbitrator’s award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Until final resolution of any dispute hereunder, Supplier shall diligently proceed with the performance of this Contract as directed by Dowin. 在签发本合同的省依据该省的 法律,由一名仲裁员按照中国仲裁协会的商业仲裁规则进行具有约束力的仲裁,任何 具有司法管辖权的法院可对仲裁员裁决进行判决。在本合同项下的任何争议得到最终 解决前,供应商应按照盾牌的指示努力继续履行本合同。

10. EXTRAS 超出的工作

Work shall not be supplied in excess of quantities specified in the Contract. Supplier shall be liable for handling charges and return shipment costs for any excess quantities. 所提供的工作不得超过合同的规定。供应商应负责超出的工作的处理费用以及返运成本。


(a) Dowin may provide to Supplier property owned by either Dowin or its customer (Furnished Property). Furnished Property shall be used only for the performance of this Contract. 盾牌可向供应商提供盾牌或其客户所有的财物(提供的财物)。提 供的财产应仅用于履行本合同。
(b) Title to Furnished Property shall remain in Dowin or its customer. Supplier shall clearly mark (if not so marked) all Furnished Property to show its ownership. 提供的财物的应归盾牌或其客户所有。供应商应对所有提供的财物进行清晰地标示
(c) Except for reasonable wear and tear, Supplier shall be responsible for, and shall promptly notify Dowin of, any loss or damage. Without additional charge, Supplier shall manage, maintain, and preserve Furnished Property in accordance with good commercial practice. 除合理损耗外,供应商应对任何损失或损害承担责任,并立即 通知盾牌。在不增加费用的情况下,供应商应根据良好的商业惯例管理、维护和保 护提供的财物。
(d) At Dowin’ request, and/or upon completion of this Contract the Supplier shall submit, in an acceptable form, inventory lists of Furnished Property and shall deliver or make such other disposal as may be directed by Dowin. 应盾牌要求和/或在本合 同完结时,供应商应以可接受的格式提交所有已提供财物的清单,并按照盾牌的指 示进行交付或作其他处理。
(e)  Material made in accordance with Dowin’ specifications and drawings shall not be furnished or quoted to any other person or concern without Dowin’ written consent. 按照盾牌规范和图纸制成的材料,未经盾牌书面同意,不得向任何其他人或公司 提供或引用。
(f)  Any invention or similar intellectual property first made or conceived by Supplier in the performance of this Contract or which is derived from or based on the use of confidential information supplied by Dowin shall be considered as being a “work made for hire” and shall be and become the property of Dowin; and Supplier shall execute such documents necessary to perfect Dowin’ title thereto. 在履行本合同过 程中由供应商首先制造出或构思出的发明或类似知识产权,或在盾牌提供的机密信 息中衍生出的或基于其使用做出的发明或类似知识产权,应被视为“雇佣作品”,属 于盾牌的财产;供应商应签署实现盾牌对其拥有所有权所需的相关文件。


Code of Conduct Clause – [APPLICABLE DOWIN COMPANY] (Smiths) is committed to conducting its business ethically and lawfully. Smiths expects that Supplier will also conduct its business ethically and lawfully. The Smiths’ Code of Business Ethics and Smiths’ Supplier Code of Business Ethics establish minimum standards for ethical conduct.  These Codes are available at Smiths reserves the right to discontinue a business relationship with any Supplier if any of its officers, directors or employees is found to have violated our Supplier Code of Business Ethics. Smiths reserves the right to conduct enquiries and investigations into SUPPLIER, conduct to satisfy  itself  that  these  minimum  standards  are  being  met. 行为准则条款 -  盾牌
( Smiths)承诺根据此条款合法道德地开展业务。Smiths 期望供应商也将合法道德地开 展业务。Smith 的商业道德准则和 Smith 的供应商商业道德准则共同建立了道德准则的最 低基准。这些准则在: 可以 找到。 如果发现供应商的官员,董事,员工违反供应商商业道德准则,Smith 保留和供应 商终止业务关系的权利。Smith 保留对供应商询问和调查的权利,以保证满足这些基准。


(a)  Supplier is an independent contractor in all its operations and activities hereunder. The employees used by Supplier to perform Work under this Contract shall be Supplier's employees exclusively without any relation whatsoever to Dowin. 供应商 应为本合同项下其所有业务和活动的独立承包商。本合同项下供应商用以实施工作的 雇员应是供应商的雇员,与盾牌完全没有任何关系。
(b)  Supplier shall be responsible for any costs or expenses including attorneys’ fees, all expenses of litigation and/or settlement, and court costs, arising from any act or omission of Supplier, its officers, employees, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors at any tier, in the performance of any of its obligations under this Contract. 供应商应负 责因供应商及其管理人员、雇员、代理人、供应商或任何级别的分包商履行其在本合 同项下任何义务的作为或不作为引起的任何费用或开支,包括律师费、所有的诉讼和


Information, including but not limited to technical and business information, provided by Dowin to Supplier remains the property of Dowin. Supplier agrees to comply with the terms of any Proprietary Information Agreement with Dowin and to comply with all Proprietary Information markings and Restrictive Legends applied by Dowin to anything provided  hereunder  to  Supplier.  Supplier  agrees  not  to  use  any  Dowin  provided information for any purpose except to perform this Contract and agrees not to disclose such information to third parties without the prior written consent of Dowin. 盾牌提供给供应商的信息(包括但不限于技术和商业信息)属于盾牌的财产。供应商 同意遵守与盾牌签订的任何专有信息协议的条款,并遵守本合同项下盾牌提供给供应 商的任何东西上的专有信息标识和限制性图例。供应商同意不得将盾牌提供之信息用于 履行本合同以外的其它目的,并且未经盾牌事先书面同意,不得向第三方披露此等信息。


Supplier shall not provide any proprietary information to Dowin without prior execution by Dowin of a Proprietary Information Agreement or amendment to this Contract providing for the same. 如盾牌未先行履行专有信息协议或本合同修订案,则供应商不得将任何专 有信息提供给盾牌。


(a) No inspection shall relieve Supplier of its obligations to furnish all Work in accordance with the requirements of this Contract. Dowin’ final inspection and acceptance shall be at destination unless otherwise designated by Dowin. 任何检 验不得解除供应商根据要求提供所有工作的义务。除非盾牌另行指定,否则盾牌 应在目的地进行最终检验和验收。
(b) Supplier shall provide and maintain a test and inspection system acceptable to Dowin and its customers, if required. 如有要求,供应商应提供和维护符合盾牌和 其客户要求的测试和检验系统。
(c) If Supplier delivers non‐conforming Work, Dowin may; 如果供应商交付的工作不合 格,盾牌可:
(i) Accept all or part of such Work at an equitable price reduction; 以公平降价之方 式接受全部或部分此等工作;
(ii) Reject such Work for replacement; 拒收此批货物以取得换货
(iii) Reject the work with credit; 拒收此批货物并扣款;
(iv) Make, or have a third party make all repairs, modifications, or replacements necessary to enable such Work to comply in all respects with Contract requirements. Supplier shall be liable to Dowin for any cost Dowin incurred to ensure such compliance. 自行或让第三方进行返修、修改或更换工作以使其满 足要求。供应商应承担所产生的所有费用;
(e) Supplier shall not re‐tender rejected Work without disclosing the corrective action taken. 如未披露采取的纠正措施,则供应商不得对拒收工作进行重新招标。


(a) Supplier agrees that Dowin shall be the owner of all inventions, technology, designs, works of authorship, mask works, technical information, computer software, business information and other information conceived, developed or otherwise generated in the performance of this Contract by or on behalf of Supplier. Supplier hereby assigns and agrees to assign all right, title, and interest in the foregoing to Dowin, including without limitation all copyrights, patent rights and other intellectual property rights therein and further agrees to execute, at Dowin’ request and expense, all documentation necessary to perfect title therein in Dowin. Supplier agrees that it will maintain and disclose to Dowin written records of, and otherwise provide Dowin with full access to, the subject matter covered by this clause and that all such subject matter will be deemed information of Dowin and subject to the protection provisions of the clause entitled "Information of Dowin". Supplier agrees to assist Dowin, at Dowin’ request and expense, in every reasonable way, in obtaining, maintaining, and enforcing patent and other intellectual property protection on the subject matter covered by this clause. 供应商同意,所有发明、技 术、设计、著作、光罩作品、技术信息、计算机软件、商业信息以及供应商或以供应 商的名义履行本合同过程中构思、开发或以其他方式产生的其他信息归盾牌所有。 供应商谨此将上述所有权利、所有权和权益转让并同意转让给盾牌,包括但不限于 其中的所有版权、专利权及其他知识产权,并进一步同意应盾牌的要求签署实现盾牌对其所有权所需的所有文件,费用由盾牌承担。供应商同意,其将维护并向盾牌披露和以其他方式向盾牌完全提供本条款所包含之标的的书面记录,所有此等 标的将被视为是盾牌的信息,并服从“盾牌的信息”条款的保护规定。供应商同 意,应盾牌的要求,以一切合理的方式协助盾牌获得、维护和执行本条款所包含 之标的的专利及其他知识产权保护。
(b) Supplier warrants that the Work performed and delivered under this Contract will not infringe or otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of any third party in China or any foreign country. Supplier agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Dowin and its customers from and against any claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of any action by a third party that is based upon a claim that the Work performed or delivered under this Contract infringes or otherwise violates the intellectual property rights of any person or entity. 供应商保证,本合同项下实施和交付的工作将不会侵犯或以其他方式侵犯在 中国或任何外国的任何第三方的知识产权。对于因任何第三方声称本合同项下实行或 交付的工作侵犯或以其他方式侵犯了任何人或任何实体的知识产权提起诉讼而引起 的任何索赔、损坏、损失、费用和开支(包括合理的律师费),供应商同意向盾牌 及其客户做出赔偿,使其免受损失,并为其进行抗辩。

18. NEW MATERIALS    新材料

The Work to be delivered hereunder shall consist of new materials, not used, or reconditioned, remanufactured or of such age as to impair its usefulness or safety. 本合同 项下交付的工作应为新材料,不得使用旧的、翻新的、改制的或其年限致使损害其有用性或 安全性的材料。


(a) Unless otherwise specified, all Work is to be packed in accordance with good commercial practice.   除非另有规定,所有工作将按照良好的商业惯例进行包装。
(b)  A complete packing list shall be enclosed with all shipments. Supplier shall mark containers or packages with necessary lifting, loading, and shipping information, including the Dowin Contract number, item number, dates of shipment, and the names and addresses of consignor and consignee. Bills of lading shall include this Contract number. 所有货物应随附一份完整的装箱单。供应商应在容器或包装上提供 必要的吊装、装载和运输信息,包括盾牌合同编号、项目编号、装运日期以及托运 人和收货人的名称和地址。提单上应包含合同编号。
(c) Unless otherwise specified, delivery shall be according to detail PO. 除非另有规 定,交付应根据详细的采购订单执行。


(a)  Unless otherwise provided, terms of payment shall be defined in the purchase order. Net day is from the latest of the following: 除非另有规定,付款条件应在采购订单中 予以规定。净天数自以下日期算起(取日期最迟者):
(i) Dowin’ receipt of the Supplier's proper invoice; 盾牌收到供应商正确发票日 期;
(ii) Scheduled delivery date of the PO; or   采购订单的预定交货日期;或
(iii) Actual delivery of the Work. 工作实际交付日期。
Dowin shall have a right of setoff against payments due or at issue under this Contract or any other contract between the Parties. 盾牌有权根据本合同或他相 关合同中调整付款期限。
(b) Payment shall be deemed to have been made as of the date of mailing Dowin’ payment or electronic funds transfer. 应在邮寄盾牌款项或电子资金转账之日视为 已经付款。
(c) Unless otherwise specified, prices exclude taxes, but include all transportation cost (DDU). 除非另有规定,价格不包括税费,但包含全部运输费用(DDU)。


Any inconsistencies in this Contract shall be resolved in accordance with the following descending order of precedence:   若本合同中有任何矛盾之处,应按照以下优先顺序解决:
(a)  Face of the Purchase Order, Release document or Schedule, (which shall include continuation sheets), as applicable, including any Special terms and conditions; 采购订单内容、核发文件或进度计划(包括续页),如适用,应包括任何特殊条款及 条件;
(b) Any master‐type agreement (such as corporate, sector or blanket agreements); 任 何主协议(如公司、部门或一揽子协议);
(c) These General Provisions; and   这些通用条款;以及
(d)  Statement of Work. 工作说明书。


(a) Supplier shall provide and maintain a quality control system to an industry recognized Quality Standard and in compliance with any other specific quality requirements identified in this Contract. 供应商应提供并维护达到业界公认质量标 准并符合本合同所载任何其他特定质量要求的质量控制体系。
(b)  Records of all quality control inspection work by Supplier shall be kept complete and available to Dowin and its customers. 供应商的所有质量控制检验工作的记录,应 完整地保存,并可提供给盾牌及其客户。


Except as required by law, no public release of any information, or confirmation or denial of same, with respect to this Contract or the subject matter hereof, will be made by Supplier without the prior written approval of Dowin.                    除法律要求外,未经盾牌事先书 面批准,供应商不得公开发布、确认或否认与本合同或本合同标的相关的任何信息。

24. SEVERABILITY      可分割性

 Each paragraph and provision of this Contract is severable, and if one or more paragraphs or provisions are declared invalid, the remaining provisions of this Contract will remain in full force and effect.   本合同的各条款是可分割的,如果一条或多条条款被宣布无效,本合 同其余条款将继续完全有效。


If this Contract expires, is completed, or is terminated, Supplier shall not be relieved of those obligations contained in the following provisions: 如果本合同期满、完成或终止,供 应商不得被免除以下条款中所包含的义务:
Applicable Laws   适用法律
Export/Import Control 出口/进口管制
Independent Contractor Relationship  独立承包商关系 Information of Dowin    盾牌的信息 Insurance/Indemnification  保险/赔偿
Intellectual Property    知识产权 Release of Information   信息发布 Warranty    保修期


(a)  Supplier’s timely performance is a critical element of this Contract. Time is of the essence.   供应商及时履行是本合同的一项关键要素。时间是至关重要的。 
(b)  Unless advance shipment has been authorized in writing by Dowin, Dowin may store at Supplier’s expense, or return, shipping charges collect, all Work received in advance of the scheduled delivery date. 除非盾牌书面授权提前发货,盾牌可储 存或退回在预定交付日期前收到的所有工作,费用由供应商承担,运费到付。
(c)  If Supplier becomes aware of difficulty in performing the Work, Supplier shall timely notify Dowin, in writing, giving pertinent details. This notification shall not change any delivery schedule. 如果供应商获悉实施工作有困难,供应商应及时以书面形式通 知盾牌,提供相关详细信息。该通知不得改变任何交付计划。
(d) In the event of a termination for convenience or change, no claim will be allowed for any manufacture or procurement in advance of Supplier's normal flow time unless there has been prior written consent by Dowin. 如果因便利或变更终止,除非经盾牌事先书面同意,不得就供应商正常流程时间前的产生任何制造或采购提出索赔。


(a) Failure by Dowin to enforce any of the provision(s) of this Contract shall not be construed as a waiver of the requirement(s) of such provision(s), or as a waiver of the right of Dowin thereafter to enforce each and every such provision(s). 盾牌未执行本合同任何条款不得解释为放弃该等条款要求的权利,亦不得解释为放弃盾牌 之后执行所有该等条款的权利。
(b) Dowin’ approval of documents shall not relieve Supplier from complying with any requirements of this Contract. 盾牌批准文件不得解除供应商遵守本合同任何要求 的义务。
(c) The rights and remedies of Dowin in this Contract are cumulative and in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or in equity. 本合同中盾牌的权利 和补偿是累积的,是法律或衡平法规定的任何其他权利和补偿的补充。


Dowin shall not be liable for any indirect damages including incidental, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages, or lost profits.    盾牌不承担任何间接损害赔偿,包括附 带的、后果性的、惩罚性或惩戒性的损害赔偿或利润损失。

29. WARRANTY    保修期

Supplier warrants that all Work furnished pursuant to this Contract shall strictly conform to applicable specifications, drawings, samples, and descriptions, and other requirements of this Contract and be free from defects in design, material and workmanship. 供应商保证, 根据本合同提供的所有工作严格遵守相关规范、图纸、样品和说明以及本合同的其他要求, 并且无设计、材料和工艺缺陷。Supplier further warrants and implies that the Work performed hereunder is merchantable and fit for use for the particular purpose described in this Contract. The warranty shall begin upon final acceptance and extend for a period of    供应商进一步保证并表示,本合 同的标的物是适于销售的,并适合于本合同中所述的特定目的。本保修期在最终验收后开始, 期限为
(i) the manufacturer’s warranty period or one (1) year whichever is longer, if Supplier is not the manufacturer and has not modified the Work or, 如果供应商不是制造商, 且未对工作进行修改,则为制造商的保修期或一(1)年(以较长者为准),或
(ii) one (1) year or the manufacturer’s warranty period, whichever is longer if the Supplier is the manufacturer of the Work or has modified it. 如果供应商是工作的制 造商或对工作进行了修改,则为一(1)年或制造商保修期(以较长者为准)。
If any non‐conformity with Work appears within that time, Supplier, at Dowin’ option, shall promptly repair, replace, or re-perform the Work and hold Dowin harmless from any loss, damage or expense that Dowin may suffer from the breach of this warranty. Transportation of replacement Work and return of non‐conforming Work and repeat performance of Work shall be at Supplier’s expense. Dowin may elect to return the non‐conforming Work or repair or replace Work or re-procure the Work at Supplier’s expense. All warranties shall run to Dowin and its customers. At all times during the performance of this Contract, Dowin shall have the right to inspect Work performed by Supplier.如在这段时间内工作出现任何不符合之情形,供应商应根据盾牌的要求立即修理、更换或 重新生产,并且使盾牌避免遭受因供应商违反本保修期规定而使盾牌蒙受的损失、损害 或开支。供应商应承担更换工作的运输费用和不合格工作的退回费用以及重新生产的费用。 盾牌可选择退回不合格工作或修理、更换或重新采购工作,费用由供应商承担。所有保证 应送达盾牌及其客户。在履行本合同的任何时候,