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Transtector Systems Launches Line of Small Cell Power Protection Cabinets

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Compact, Rugged Systems Enable Quick Start-Up, Reliable Surge Protection in Variety of Applications

Transtector Systems, an Infinite Electronics brand and an industry-leading provider of end-to-end power and signal integrity solutions, has introduced a comprehensive line of AC power protection cabinets engineered specifically for small cell sites, combining a co-location approved field-configurable branch breaker architecture with, non-degrading integrated high-reliability surge protection configuration flexibility into acompact, ruggedized and lightweight configurations. 

Ideal for applications such as picocells, microcells, macrocells, 5G nodes, DAS systems, load expansions, and other small cell locations, these new cabinets address the growing range of power requirements in the expanding small cell market.

With small cell interface requirements varying among GSMA, CDMA, LTE, WiMAX, 3G, 4G and 5G, network engineers often require versatile, dynamic power solutions. Transtector’s compact, small cell cabinets enable quick installation to meet current demands, with design flexibility for future expansion.

Co-location will be a very important aspect of the small cell rollout, so we strived to develop a solution that could evolve and scale to meet the power needs over the life cycle of each site,” said Gabriel Guglielmi, Vice President of Product Management. “With these new field configurable cabinets, we’re providing a dynamic, compact, easy-to-deploy power distribution solution that is designed to lower total cost of ownership, while also building a layer of reliability into the network all in one box.”

“Surge protection is one of the most elemental functions in a small cell application, but without reliability, the installation is at risk any time there’s a power issue,” said Gabriel Guglielmi, Vice President of Product Management. “With these new field configurable and co-location approved cabinets, we’re not only building a layer of reliability into the network, we’re also providing a dynamic, compact, easy-to-deploy enclosure solution designed to lower total cost of ownership.

In addition to standard configurations, users can partner with Transtector engineers to develop a modified or custom enclosure to fit the application.

Key power protection cabinet features include:

  •          Compact footprint for versatility and convenient field installation
  •          Service entrance rated – separate disconnect between utility and cabinet not required
  •          Field configurable branch breakers lower total cost of ownership
  •          Co-location approved
  •          Rugged, outdoor NEMA 3R enclosure
  •          Reliable silicon or MOV technology surge protection
  •          Configurable options
  •          10-Year warranty

Transtector’s small cell power protection cabinets are available today, with standard configurations in-stock and available for same-day shipping.

For inquiries, Transtector can be contacted at +1-800-882-9110.

About Transtector Systems:
Transtector Systems leads the industry with a comprehensive product portfolio and specialized expertise in consulting, design and manufacturing of AC, DC, data and signal surge protection, communications power cabinets, EMP protection and power quality engineering services. Transtector provides valuable end-to-end power and signal integrity solutions for markets that include telecommunications, medical imaging, transportation, energy, security and the military. Transtector is an Infinite Electronics brand.

About Infinite Electronics:
Based in Irvine, Calif., Infinite Electronics offers a broad range of components, assemblies and wired/wireless connectivity solutions, serving the aerospace/defense, industrial, government, consumer electronics, instrumentation, medical and telecommunications markets. Infinite’s brands include Pasternack, Fairview Microwave, L-com, MilesTek, Aiconics, KP Performance Antennas, PolyPhaser, Transtector, RadioWaves, Kaelus, ShowMe Cables and Integra Optics. Infinite Electronics serves a global engineering customer base with deep technical expertise and support, with one of the broadest inventories of products available for immediate shipment.

Press Contact:

Peter McNeil
Transtector Systems
17792 Fitch
Irvine, CA
(978) 682-6936

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