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Transtector Systems Releases Innovative Small Cell Power Distribution Cabinets

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Compact size, Flexible Design, and Integrated Surge Protection Make New Cabinets Ideal for Small Cell Site Deployments.
Transtector Systems, a Smiths Microwave brand, today announced the release of the new MiniCab and MiniMacro small cell power distribution cabinets. This new line of cabinets integrate surge suppression and power distribution into a compact enclosure. These cabinets are UL 67 listed, which ensures they adhere to local electrical codes and facilitates approval by municipalities.
“The combination of a compact footprint, UL 67 listing, and reliable surge protection makes these “mini” cabinets an ideal choice for small cells deployments,” said Robert Cid, Global Product Manager for Transtector Systems. “These were designed to be used in situations typically encountered during a small cell deployment as well as comply with electrical codes and regulatory requirements from municipalities.”
As small cell installations continue to increase, providing safe power distribution and reliable surge protection is a concern. This new series of cabinets from Transtector addresses these challenges.

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About Transtector Systems
Part of the Smiths Microwave family of brands, Transtector Systems provides industry-leading lightning and surge protection for a comprehensive range of markets and network applications. The company’s engineering and support teams partner with customers around the globe to develop innovative solutions for markets ranging from telecommunications and data centers to energy, medical, rail and security.

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