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The Leader in Surge Protection Technologies for 50 Years

Firmly rooted in technology innovation and customer service

In 1967, Richard Odenberg, an engineer and physicist, founded Transtector Systems while pioneering the use of stacked silicon avalanche diodes (SAD) for transient voltage surge suppression. Building upon early market success with advanced silicon suppression technologies, Transtector has grown into a global presence providing custom and off-the-shelf solutions for today’s sensitive digital equipment.

In May 2017, Infinite Electronics, a supplier of engineering grade wired and wireless connectivity products, acquired Transtector, adding the company’s strong engineering capabilities, world-class manufacturing operations and diversified set of products to its family of brands.

Today, Transtector protects and ensures the reliability of critical AC, DC and Data Line equipment from lightning and EMP events with the broadest range of high performance product configurations. The company has established a diversified international customer base in industrial, military/aerospace, transportation, commercial, medical and telecommunications industries. These customers continue to turn to Transtector for reliable surge protection product offerings, responsive customer service, expert technical support and short lead times.

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