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219.5MHz to 222MHz positive train control (PTC) filter series is in-stock and available for shipping same day from PolyPhaser. This railroad band pass filter series is built with N Type connections and is manufactured to minimize RF interference for the railway industry. PolyPhaser PTC (positive train control) radio frequency filters reduce interference between Interoperable Train Control (ITC) frequency bands and the Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES) bands. Our railroad bandpass filtering series increases the reliability and effectiveness of communications within the positive train control systems.

Railroad train radio frequency filter components in this series are N Type bandpass filters with a pass band range of 219.5 MHz to 222 MHz. PTC railway filters are designed to block interference from co-located railroad radio communication and noise at different frequencies. These locomotive radio filtering devices provide pass band frequencies between 219.5MHz and 222MHz.

Interoperable train control / advanced civil speed enforcement system interference filtering components for 219.5 MHz to 222 MHz passband are IP54 rated. These PolyPhaser IP54 railroad RF filtering for ITC/ACSES are tested independently to meet critical industry standards for shock, vibration, temperature and filtering.

Railroad radio frequency interference limiting devices from PolyPhaser are manufactured with N Type connections. Our N Type railroad train radio band filters are constructed with a N Type in and a N Type out. These N Type to N Type PTC radio filters have female/female and female/male and female/female and female/male and female/female and female/male, f input / output. The band pass components are rated at a maximum power of 20 Watts CW.

As a leader in RF surge protection technology, as well as positive train control experts, Polyphaser has manufactured and supplied these state-of-the-art solutions for the requirements of the railroad industry. Our train band pass filter products for railroad radio frequency applications are in stock. Not only are they in-stock, but our positive train control RF filters will ship the same-day as they are purchased.